The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs
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6 Years Later. Still One of the Best-Rated EMF Books Worldwide.
The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs (NTGE) is a simple, down to earth and evidence-based guide to teach you (and your audience!) all about the dangers of electromagnetic pollution. The book packs dozens of strategies to reduce exposure -- most of them very inexpensive, or completely free of charge.

6 years after its release, NTGE remains one of the best-rated EMF books in the world, with 800+ Amazon reviews and an average of 4.5+/5.

Considering that Amazon has a very poor affiliate program (with extremely low earnings), we decided to offer our affiliates the option to promote NTGE (ebook or paperback) directly on our website, making this a much better offer for them.

* Core Offer *
Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs
$14.99 Digital
$19.99 + S&H Paperback
50% Commission Digital
35% Commission Paperback
* Upsell #1*
Electro-Pollution Fix Course
50% Commission
* Upsell #2 *
EMF Circle Membership - Yearly Subscription
$90 per year
50% Commission (no recurring commissions)
Commissions are paid monthly, around the 15th of the month, for what was earned the previous month. There is a minimum threshold of $100. We pay affiliates via Wise. Paypal is not an option for us.
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“We promoted Nick's EMF product in December and all I can say is wow. Our list is mainly comprised of mid-aged women which is a perfect demographic for this product. If you get the clicks, you're going to make $$$. We cleared an EPC of well over $1. It's a great product and more importantly, Nick is a great guy to work with!”
— Yuri and Adam Elkaim,
“I known and followed Nick’s work for a while, he’s one of my most trusted partners with his commitment to producing excellent high quality and high converting offers. His latest book, “The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs” converted excellent to my audience. My readers loved it and as long term JV partner we always earn great commissions.”
— David Allen, Breakthroughs in Health & Medicine
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nick for several years. His products are what I consider the platinum standard of health information, they are always well written and high converting. I plan on continually supporting Nick’s books as he helps deliver real value to our readers.”
— Katerina Inez, Director of Marketing, Alternative Doctor
Past Results From Affiliates
(Health-focused lists work best)

List size = 27,452
Clicks = 1,000
Affiliate commissions = $1532.97
EPC = $1.53
Conversion rate = 9.6%
List size = 119,667
Clicks = 953
Affiliate commissions = $928.97
EPC = $0.97
Conversion rate = 6.4%
List size = 46,406
Clicks = 1,275
Affiliate commissions = $1959.30
EPC = $1.54
Conversion rate = 9.6%
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For health-conscious people who are slightly aware of the problem with EMFs and who actively seek solutions to fix it

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The World Needs You to Step Up!
By promoting this book, you are raising awareness about the critically ignored issue of electro-pollution/EMFs.
This book is perfect for...
Health-conscious individuals regardless or their diet preference! This book is complimentary to any audience who's into Paleo, the carnivore diet, veganism, ancestral healing, quantum health principles, yoga, detoxification, and many more!
Functional medicine doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, registered nurses, health coaches, nutritionists, and any type of practitioner who is holistically oriented
Advanced health enthusiasts such as biohackers, professional athletes, high-level entrepreneurs
EMF mitigation specialists, building biologists and other EMF professionals who want to further their education
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